Child Art by Grade 2 and 3 Kids

~ Swati Sharma

Delightful child art by children of class 2 and 3 at Study Hall school, Lucknow, India.

Art cows in the meadow by child Abier Mehrotra Lucknow India

Abier Mehrotra

child art bunny rabbit family by Gauri Bhargava Lucknow India

Gauri Bhargava

Abstract art by child Kapil Yadav Lucknow India

Kapil Yadav

Abstract art by child Rajat Meena Lucknow India

Rajat Meena

 Child art by Shivangi Maurya Lucknow India

Shivangi Maurya

Child art by Shivangi Maurya Study Hall Lucknow India

Shivangi Maurya

Child art Animal world by Tanushree Ghosh Lucknow India 

Tanushree Ghosh

child art rainbow fish by Taqdees Emadi Lucknow India

Taqdees Emadi

Art snowman and penguins by child Yasharth Saubhari Lucknow India 

Yasharth Soubhari

Portrait by child artist Sahil Shadab Lucknow India

Sahil Shadaab


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