Poem, Six Happy Birds Went To Fly

A beautiful poem written by Mrs. Rekha Anand about our trip of six friends visiting Majestic Himalayas and Ma Ganga at Dhanaulti, Harsil and pure heaven Gangotri Dham, India

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Six happy birds went to fly.
And discovered, together, they can reach the sky!
Twittering, chirping, singing along the way
With the whistling wind they loved to sway.
They all were very caring and kind,
Many a time they had to slow their pace,
To make sure that no one was left behind.
The majesty of the mountains filled them with awe.
When the nature gradually unveiled  its  beauty they were stunned
and could only say
The dense forest were like their thoughts,
The twinkling stars, their dreams.
Silence was their song,
and the music played by the streams.
Calling of Deodars they heard in the fine weather.
And planned to visit, The Mystic Woods
Once again together.

~ Mrs. Rekha Anand, Teacher, Study Hall, Lucknow, India


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