A Leisure Villa


Views: 1918

Placed at a quiet surrounding,

There’s a villa where I go on weekends.

It doesn’t belong to my family,

But it’s a businessman’s belonging.

Inside the house, walls of gold,

The rooms had a beauty bold.

The kitchen was as big as a shark,

The furnace I lighted with a spark.

The living room was so luxurious,

I loved to sit there whenever I was furious.

It calmed my mind looking at the swimming pool,

I wish I had a house which was so cool.

This villa is so grand,

I come here and play with madness,

Read books and have a leisure time.

I’m just joking, this is my house,

So would you like to be here, anytime?

Rangoli Patterns With Chalk

Rangoli Patterns With Chalk

Quote by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Quote by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar