Kids Art by Grade 4 and 5 Children

~ Swati Sharma

Amazing Child Art… by children of class 4 and 5 at Study Hall school, Lucknow, India.

Mosaic art by Ananya Mishra Lucknow India

Ananya Mishra

Child art by Ananya Singh Lucknow India

Ananya Singh

 waterfall scene by child Ekta Sachan Lucknow India

Ekta Sachan

Warli art by Ilma Amir Lucknow India

Ilma Amir

 Warli art by Insha Amir Lucknow India

Insha Amir

 Child art by Kamda Srivastava Lucknow India

Kamda Srivastava

 Child art by Mridu Chopra Lucknow India

Mridu Chopra

 Rangoli child art by paridhi Arya Lucknow India

Paridhi Arya

Peacock by child artist Poojit CHoudhary Study Hall Lucknow India

Poojit Choudhary

 Mosaic art by Pratardan Agarwal Lucknow India      

Pratardan Agarwal

Warli art by Prisha Singh Lucknow India

Prisha Singh

Child art by Tanisha V Singh Lucknow India

Tanisha V. Singh

Child art by Ryan Singh Lucknow India

Ryan Singh

Butterfly pattern art technique by child Shambhavi Dikshit Lucknow India

Shambhavi Singh

Child art by Saad Hasan Lucknow India

Saad Hasan

Warli art by child Saniya Sinha Lucknow India

Saniya Sinha


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