Child Art by Grade 5 Kids Study Hall Lucknow


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Delightful child art by children of class 5 at Study Hall school, Lucknow, India

Child art by Ananya Singh Study Hall school Lucknow India

Ananya Singh

Mosaic art by Insha Amir Lucknow India

Insha Amir

 warli art by Kamda STudy Hall Lucknow India

Kamda Srivastava

Warli art by child Mridu Chopra Study Hall Lucknow India

Mridu Chopra

Flowers sketch pen art by child Mridu Chopra Lucknow India

Mridu Chopra

Child art by Pakhi SIngh

Pakhi Singh

Child art by Prisha Singh Lucknow India

Prisha Singh

Singing birds in child art by Prisha Lucknow India

Prisha Singh

 Jungle scene by Prisha child art Lucknow India

Prisha Singh

Independence Day art by Shambhavi Dikshit Lucknow India

Shambhavi Dikshit

Warli art by Vandita Singh Lucknow India

Vandita Singh

Warli art by Saad Hasan Lucknow India   

Saad Hasan

Hussainabad Clock tower Lucknow in art by child Saima Siddiqui Study Hall school India

Saima Siddiqui

Child Art with Crayons

Child Art with Crayons

Wooden Block Printing Rakhi Craft for kids

Wooden Block Printing Rakhi Craft for kids