Punarjani Traditional Village, Kathakali Dance Munnar, Kerala

~ Swati Sharma

Our trip to Munnar would not have been complete, had we not visited Punarjani, A Traditional Village at Munnar, Kerala. We were audience to Kathakali dance, a visual delight for sure.Kathakali is famous world over as Indian Classical Dance Drama, performed by skilled artists. The artists have to undergo several years of rigorous training. This art is a skilful combination of literature (mainly based on the epics of India) music (vocal & instrumental), charming costumes, elaborate facial makeup (Chutti), acting & dancing. Each character’s mental status can be understood by his/her costumes, facial makeup and expressions.There are daily shows in a small theatre and one may also watch the Kathakali artists don their makeup.

Contact details:

Punarjani Traditional Village
2ndMile Pallivasal, Munnar
Tel: 04865 216161, 263888, 9895999701,

Punarjani tradtional village munnar kerala india tourism 

The stage is set…

kathakali performance Punarjani munnar kerala

 singer behind kathakali performance Punarjani munnar,kerala

The narrator too kept us engrossed  

munnar,kerala Punarjani kathakali performer

Superb expressions for various states of mind !

 munnar,kerala Punarjani kathakali dance pose

munnar,kerala kathakali dancer Punarjani village

munnar,kerala kathakali dance Punarjani

 munnar,kerala Punarjani dance performance kathakali 

munnar,kerala kathakali dance stage Punarjani village

Here comes the villian !

 munnar,kerala kathakali dancer performing in evening Punarjani

 munnar,kerala kathakali dance face make up Punarjani

And here comes the hero !

munnar,kerala Punarjani kathakali on stage

munnar,kerala kathakali dancer face mask and makeup

munnar,kerala kathakali dance headgear Punarjani

munnar,kerala kathakali performance at Punarjani traditional village

munnar,kerala kathakali dance show Punarjani village

munnar,kerala kathakali dance enjoyed by visitors to Punarjani

A beautiful blend of dance and drama.


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